It’s a small world. It’s getting smaller every day, bringing more people closer together. Never before has there been so many opportunities to connect with others. At ECLIPSE we think this is awesome and we know the humble ECLIPSE mint has a curious power to make you feel fresh. But more than just this power, we know that freshness is positively contagious to those around you, with everyone wanting to connect and share in the freshness. So join us, flip open an ECLIPSE tin, unlock connections and Let There Be Fresh! That’s the power of ECLIPSE.


The new ECLIPSE PLUS range comes in two flavours, ‘Comfort’ and ‘Release’. Both are expertly balanced with recognisable flavour blends to help Aussies "feel their way back to fresh". ECLIPSE PLUS Comfort gives the comforting feeling of a warm hug through a blend of honey, lemon and ginger flavour, while ECLIPSE PLUS Release features the much-loved mix of lemon, menthol and mint flavour. That’s the power of Eclipse PLUS.